Parent and Child Yoga Exploration

A range of activities to nurture relationship, love, joyfulness and good health between parent and child and the total process of life.

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Discovery is the Beginning of Creativeness.

‘Exploration of Being’ is a series of parent and child exploration activities related to the context of yoga, that help a child to flower greatly in love and goodness.


'Exploration of Being' activities nurture:

Parent and child yoga

Exploration 1 : Body Parts As Our Eye

A good start to help your child to discover the key parts of our body. It helps parent and child to develop sensitivity and awareness throughout the periphery of our body.

Exploration 2 : Expand And Extend From Core

Explore postures on how that our body and mind can expand and extend upwards, downwards, sideways, upside down and flourish from the centre.

Exploration 3 : Staying Calm

Explore yoga postures and methodologies on how to slow down and remain calm.

Exploration 4: Think Light, Feel Light

Impart the understanding of 'lightness'. Find out how you can move with lightness in motion.

Exploration 5: Develop Cognitive Link Through Evenness

Discover if there is a perfect balance between both sides of the body. Is there equal stretch, equal spacing, equal intensity of movement?

Exploration 6: Find Comfort In Discomfort

Children could learn how to stay calm and relax when they are in pain.

Exploration 7 : Feel With Your Heart

A posture that you are working on, you are not just doing it, you are in it. Feel with your heart.

A Choice of an Entire Collection of 'Exploration of Being'

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