Exploration 1 : Body Parts As Our Eye


A good start to help your child to discover the key parts of our body. It helps parent and child to develop sensitivity and awareness throughout the periphery of our body.

In ‘Exploration 1: Every Body Part Is Our Eye’, parents involvement with child are essential on the journey of discovery :-

Day 1 – Discover feet, heel, ankle, toes, shin, calve, knee and thigh.

Day 2 – Discover pelvis, hip joint, tail bone and sit bone.

Day 3 – Discover abdomen, lower back, mid back and upper back.

Day 4 – Discover chest, heart, rib cage, shoulder, arm and shoulder blade.

Day 5 – Discover head, neck, forehead, chin and crown of skull.

There should be a mutual understanding between parent and child on this exploration of body parts discovery. The context is elaborated for parent(s) to guide your child into the process of self-discovery. Videos are made available as reference to guide you for better understanding that can be viewed in the members’ portal.


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