Exploration 4: Think Light, Feel Light


Impart the understanding of ‘lightness’. Find out how you can move with lightness in motion.

We can impart the feeling of lightness throughout the body. Perform postures in motion. Muscle is like petals of flower, by opening softly and never rigid in motion. Throughout the days you will be discovering:-

Day 1 – Heavy or light?

Day 2 – Imagination practice: Mentally expanding outwards from centre of body

Day 3 – Imagination practice: Think tall and act tall

Day 4  – Sun Salutation practice

Day 5 – Your ‘feel light’ experience

There should be a mutual understanding between parent and child on this exploration of discovery. The context is elaborated for parent(s) to guide your child into the process of self-discovery. Videos are made available as reference to guide you for better understanding that can be viewed in the members’ portal.


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